Themeforest alternative -What should I do If my theme was hard rejected from themeforest?

Most of same or relevant themes are getting hard rejection from themeforest now days.Even popular authors are  getting it, its not only if you are new one. Without any proper reason they are rejecting.

Check some discussion:

What are the probably reasons of hard rejected from themeforest

  1.  Your theme have not follow their minimum retirement standers
  2.  Your theme is almost same with currently accepted theme in themeforest market place. (Most probably reason for authors as themeforest is saturated with lots of themes)
  3. There is nothing new or unique in your theme.

What are the solutions

  1. Find the new unsaturated market place (Themeforest alternative @
  2. Create something new, unique
  3. New design will have more chance to get accept
  4. Try new category, do not create regular themes as they are more saturated with designs

It feels really harsh when you hard work get rejected and you have invested a lot of times.

After that you can’t do any thing in that to get accept it, so the question is from where to get the revenue for that create hard work?

There are many newly unsaturated introduced marketplace like @ Themeforest alternative  and they provide even more commission (DMartify commission rate is 70% without any exclusivity condition which is also impressive. ) then themeforest.

I hope this will help you to get the distract mind on your themeforest rejection.


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